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Test Your Knowledge

Test updated 08-27-00

Complete all Questions then Check Answers on Answer Page

            1.    A common symptom of high blood pressure is:

a.  night sweats

b.  headache

c.  blurred vision

d.  dry mouth


            2.    You can maintain your bone calcium content by:

a.  eating spinach

b.  exercising

c.  going to bed early

d.  wearing magnets

            3.     Feeling tired, dry mouth and a change in vision are:

 a.  common after age 50

b.  symptoms of diabetes

c.  best treated with Vitamin C

d.  never experienced together

            4.    A stroke is damage to the brain because of:

a.  lack of oxygen supply to the brain

b.  too much coffee

c.  bleeding inside the brain

d.  stress

            5.    West Nile Virus is associated with the bite of a:

a.  tick

b.  fly

c.  mosquito

d.  spider


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